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Mussomeli, Lokana and other Italian cities where housing will be sold to you at attractive prices
Not so long ago, the public shook the news that the authorities of the Italian town of Sambuca, located on the southern island of Sicily, in order to restore the…

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In the footsteps of the "Magnificent century": what is definitely worth seeing in Istanbul
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Top 7 European cities, ideal for declarations of love
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From holiday relaxation in Mauritius to extreme camping in Canada: top holiday destinations with your loved one

Psychologists believe — the best way to test your partner and relationship — a joint journey. Some advise extreme rest, others, on the contrary, calm and measured. We reserve the right of choice for you, and we present both options of a trip.
Relaxing holiday
The main violator of an ideal relationship is stress. Every day at work, in traffic jams, hospitals, we accumulate fatigue and stress, which then tear off the family. Therefore, to go from time to time to the beaches is not a privilege, but a real psychological need.

Watch the sunsets

Lost island at the other end of the Indian ocean, Mauritius is famous for its unique nature, great hotels and probably the most delicious island cuisine. On a couple with the second half here you can explore the endless jungle, smoothly turning into the hills, discover the unique pearl Sands and spend a long time watching the sunsets on the coast.

Hotel Long Beach, for example, sing these odes local beauty. In their isolated areas here create stunning conditions for a beach holiday: provide luxurious sunbeds for two, have picnics right by the ocean, and for specially trained — training on the shore.
Generally Mauritius, many hidden, but incredibly beautiful places. One of them is Turtle Bay — a zone with azure waters and adjacent coral reefs. The Oberoi Mauritius hotel is located right in this Bay. A truly special place, where among the 8 hectares of tropical forests built elegant villas with terraces, which offer scenic views of the ocean and gardens. Continue reading

6 countries where you can relax with a modest budget

This selection will be relevant not only for those who choose where to spend the next two weeks of vacation, but also for those who are eyeing the areas where you can spend the winter months and not go bankrupt at the same time. We have chosen countries where you will feel great even with a very modest budget.
No wonder millions of tourists from all over the world come to this country every year. Comfortable climate, low prices and entertainment for every taste make this destination very attractive in the eyes of travelers. You can go to live on quiet Islands (for example, a condo on Koh Samui will cost about 10 thousand rubles), to choose the North (Chiang Mai) or, if you like active life and nightlife, stay in Bangkok. Many people came to Thailand once, then return or even move to this country.

You will be surprised, but in this country, located in the North-West of South America, you can quite comfortably live on the average Russian salary. Of course, those who are used to noisy cities, the benefits of civilization and entertainment for every taste, there will be a little boring. But those who appreciate a normal health care system, a relatively low cost of housing, fresh food and natural beauty, will appreciate life in Ecuador.

Sri lanka
Fortunately for many, this country, or rather, an island in the Indian ocean, located South of the Indian subcontinent, has not yet become a Mecca for travelers from around the world, so the prices are very reasonable for our tourists. And if you think about what it would be possible to survive the Russian winter, look, for example, to Colombo. This city, where you can find cheap accommodation, beautiful scenery, tropical climate and delicious food, can be an ideal option for the winter.

Who would have thought that the monthly cost of living in Lima, a city on the Pacific coast of South America, the capital of Peru, will cost only 30 thousand rubles. For this money it will be possible not only to find a cozy apartment almost in the city center, but also to choose entertainment for every taste. The kaleidoscope city of Lima, the capital of the Incas of Cusco and the mystical lines of Nazca, the temples of Machu Picchu and the bustling life of the Amazon Delta — all this can be found in Peru for a very modest budget. Continue reading

8 most beautiful castles in Europe that will make you believe in a fairy tale

If you are thinking where you would go next time, look at Europe, or rather — to the fabulous palaces and residences, many of which operate now. Lovers of romantic (or even mystical) adventures will surely appreciate our selection of ancient European castles that really deserve attention. So, for example, visiting one of the residences is inspired in the time of Peter Tchaikovsky on the creation of the work “Swan lake”, and other palaces and even served as a film set for the filming of cult films.
Chambord castle, France (XVI century)
Chambord (FR. Château de Chambord) — perhaps one of the most recognizable castles in France, which is considered an architectural masterpiece of the Renaissance. It was built by order of Francis I, who dreams of spending more time near his beloved lady — Countess Turi, who lives nearby. According to numerous historical studies, Leonardo da Vinci himself took part in the design of this masterpiece, so the building, which has 426 rooms, 77 stairs, 282 fireplaces and 800 decorated capitals, is really worthy of attention. Enjoy the castle, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, at any time of the year, but in the autumn and winter it looks especially impressive. About 13 years ago, the castle, on the second floor of which is now a branch of the Museum of hunting and nature, has acquired the status of the state socio-commercial enterprise.

Alcázar castle, Spain (IX century)
During the years of its existence, the residence of the Spanish kings alcázar (Spanish Alcázar), located right on a rock in the historical part of the city of Segovia, managed to visit not only the Royal castle, but also the fortress, prison and even the artillery Academy. Back in 1953, the Alcazar, which was considered during the middle Ages the favorite residence of the kings of Castile, became a Museum where furniture, interiors, a collection of weapons and portraits of Spanish kings. Now it is one of the most visited places in Spain, and every tourist considers it his duty to bypass all 11 halls in the castle and climb the highest tower — the tower of Juan II.

Residence of Alhambra, Spain (XIII century)
This castle, which is a whole complex, was built about two centuries — from 1230 to 1492, during the reign of the dynasty of Narsis. The residence essentially consists of two picturesque courtyards connected by a passage and surrounded by palaces, churches, gardens and residential buildings. You can wander around the complex for a long time, which is considered a real miracle of the world, and look at the decorative elements, paintings, architectural delights and an abundance of Muslim motifs, harmoniously blended into the overall atmosphere of the grandiose building. Continue reading

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