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Top 7 countries where it is better for women not to go alone
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Shopping and sales: travel wisely

We present five cities where you should go shopping in the summer.
What could be better than shopping? That’s right, only shopping during sales. At this time, even the most expensive brands reduce prices by 50-70%.

Where: Milan

When: from mid-July to mid-September

Milan is not in vain considered the world center of fashion. There are demonstrations of new collections all year round, and local Fashion Weeks have long been competing with Parisian ones. The main center of attraction of shopaholics — the area of the Golden quadrangle, formed by the streets of Via Montenegro, Via Spiga, Corso Vittorio Emmanuele. This should take lovers of luxury brands here can be found the boutiques of Armani, Chanel, Hermes. Almost all brands, except Louis Vuitton, in the season of summer sales reduce prices by 40-60%.

However, in Milan you can find clothes mass market, from Zara to H&M. it is Worth a close look at the signs on the Windows: the inscription “Liquidazioni” means a major sale with low prices, “Sconti” — just discounts.

And the most zealous shopaholics take a look at Saravillo village located 50 minutes drive from Milan on the way to Genoa. Here is one of the world’s best outlets Serravalle Designer Outlet. There are more than 150 stores of luxury brands and affordable brands, and discounts all year round reach 70%.

Hotel: B&B Hotel Milano Sant’ambrogio in the city center — from 5 200 rubles per day

B&B Hotel Milano Sant’ambrogio

Flight Moscow-Milan-Moscow — from 20 000 rubles Continue reading

Paradise for two: how to spend a romantic vacation in Turkey

In may begins the most romantic season of the year — wedding! Thousands of couples will go down the aisle, and if you’re one of them, it’s time to think about the honeymoon.
There are several options for a romantic vacation — you can explore the historical nooks and crannies of Europe, go on vacation off the coast of the ocean or, without suffering a visa, connect both-to fly to Turkey. Yes! It may seem that this country is not able to offer something new, but in fact there is not only developed all inclusive and beach holidays. On top of that, Turkey has unique spas that compete with Thai and Balinese, and active recreation is considered one of the most excellent. We took all the best from this country and came up with the perfect scenario for an unforgettable trip together.

Looking for hotel
Planet resorts — so you can call Turkey. There are so many beautiful hotels here that it is really difficult to choose a certain one. For help, let’s turn to the tourist rating: the most popular are, of course, the resorts of Antalya and Alanya, but the honeymoon is something special and even intimate, so the place for it is worth choosing a unique one. The most suitable — the area of Belek — in the ranking he took the place of one of the most elite and privileged.

It combines the main advantages of Turkey — a mild climate, friendly service, total “all inclusive” and amazing hotel complexes, spread out on the long pier of the Mediterranean sea.

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One of these complexes — hotel Ela Quality Resort offers newlyweds almost Paradise vacation in honeymoon Honeymoon rooms. You will be met at the airport with champagne and flowers, and after the VIP-class car domchat to the rooms, where they will prepare a romantic atmosphere with satin linen, pillows in the form of hearts and nice gifts. Continue reading

5 budget options for holidays in may

May holidays — a great reason to go on a trip. Just think about it and are afraid not to have time with a visa? Not so scary! In our world is full of wonderful places where you can go without prior hassle with documents. Together with experts of the international tourist meta-search we have chosen visa-free and budget destinations that are ideal for the last month of spring.
Rest in Armenia will be able to afford not only those who are lazy to apply for a visa, but also the lucky ones who forgot to update their passport! Recently, the hospitable country of Transcaucasia receives Russian tourists and the usual passport. But this, of course, is not its main advantage. Yerevan, or as the locals like to call it, the Pink city, is the heart of the country, where lovers of antiquities, fans of modern art, and hunters will be able to “hang out”. The main art gallery of the capital houses masterpieces by Rubens, Strozzi, Aivazovsky and other masters from different eras and countries. Not far from here on weekends, the famous Vernissage market takes place, where you can find everything from silver jewelry of the last century and old musical instruments to books of limited editions of the USSR. Taverns and restaurants of the city can also be ranked among its attractions. Dolma, bozbash, hash, basturma — in the menu of institutions you are waiting for hundreds of dishes worthy of the most careful study.

The cost of the flight from Moscow to Yerevan and back in may: from 12.3 thousand rubles

The cost of living in this city: from 1.7 thousand rubles in a double room 3* for one night.

Montenegro is not just a visa-free Europe. First of all, it is the medieval walls and mountain scenery, the waves of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean cuisine… Add to all the low prices have not yet opened the season — and get the perfect holiday. Swim in the sea like only seasoned: the water temperature warms up to 18-20°C. But the temperature and the gentle sun create ideal conditions for leisurely walks through the ancient cities. Fans of this pastime will suit the city of Budva and Bar. The Bar, by the way, is worth a look and avid shopaholics: there is the largest market of the Adriatic coast, full of treasures and unusual Souvenirs. And if you want to be closer to nature, go on a trekking tour of the Durmitor national Park, where you will see majestic canyons, noisy rivers, dense forests and peaceful lakes. Continue reading

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5 budget options for holidays in may
May holidays — a great reason to go on a trip. Just think about it and are afraid not to have time with a visa? Not so scary! In our…


5 budget options for holidays in may
May holidays — a great reason to go on a trip. Just think about it and are afraid not to have time with a visa? Not so scary! In our…


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