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Travel with children on the Golden ring of Russia: the main places — in one guide

The upcoming holidays are a great opportunity to arrange a mini-vacation for your child to take a break from school and explore new directions. And if earlier many parents were sure that there is nothing better than tours to visa-free countries, now that the dollar and the Euro has rapidly crept up, flying abroad has become very troublesome, especially with children. Therefore, as an alternative, you can choose to travel to the Golden ring of Russia by car. This is much more convenient than by bus: you will cover more cities, and will not depend on tourist transport, and will give children during the trip a lot of new experiences. But only if the car will take such that it was comfortable for you and your young travelers.
Personal history of the family, how she is preparing for the trip: why not afraid to travel with children by car, according to what criteria they chose a car for the trip, what exactly should be in the car to make the trip comfortable, what you need to take with you, and what you can do without.

Our heroes, mother and father of a three-year-old child, know perfectly well that organizing an independent trip with a baby is not an easy task, but the result is worth the effort and time.

“I have to say: our most distant trips with the child were to Turkey and Greece, but now there is no possibility to travel abroad often, and to spend holidays in the city is also not an option. In addition, my husband works a lot, so he is not able to travel with us as often as we would like. Here you want-you do not want, but you have to take the whole process into your own hands and independently think through the route that will be interesting not only to me, but also to my child. This time we decided to focus on the cities that are part of the Golden ring. Especially in Russia, in my opinion, you can relax and excellent, and attach the baby to the study of the history of their country” — says the mother of the family.

So, the trip was planned in advance. We had to travel on our ŠKODA SUPERB, which is perfect for such family trips.

First, the car is spacious enough, so I and my mischievous feel comfortable on the road and do not interfere with each other.

Secondly, this model provides excellent navigation, so you can not worry that somewhere get lost — it just will not work, even if you want. The new navigation system Columbus 3D is equipped with a convenient touch screen: some menus can be controlled by gestures. The navigation system has many functions, such as Bluetooth, SmartLink+, Wi-Fi.

Thirdly, SUPERB has an enhanced security system, including special ISOFIX mounts, which can be fitted to the child seat both front and rear, as well as an electric child lock. The lock will not allow the child to open the rear doors or lower the Windows, which means I can be sure that the trip will be really safe.

Fourthly, the son absolutely calmly carries the road and does not distract my husband and me while driving thanks to the universal holder for multimedia devices, which can be mounted on the back of the front seat or installed in the armrest hole in the rear. The child can just watch their favorite cartoons or “drive a car” with me.

You only need to install a special application Little Driver (“Little Driver”), which will allow the child to repeat the movement on the tablet or smartphone and at the same time to learn the safety rules. And you can not worry that the tablet is discharged on the road — in the cabin there is a 230V socket and USB.

Fifth, the ease of management helps to achieve the driver’s assistants: the control system of “blind” zones (Blind spot detect), lane assistant (Lane assist), helping to adhere to the selected band, adaptive cruise control (ACC), used to maintain a constant speed of the car, the system of assistance when driving in traffic jams (traffic jam assist), allowing you to move comfortably in heavy traffic, as well as Parking assistant (Park assist).

Why the gold ring?
First, good transport accessibility makes the city of the Golden ring attractive for the first travel (suitable even for those families who are still afraid to fly somewhere with a child). Secondly, today we have developed a lot of exciting interactive programs and excursions that will be interesting not only for adults but also for children (unusual museums, small theaters, original monuments and so on).

That is why we chose the cities of the Golden ring of Russia. Their list includes: Vladimir, Suzdal, Kostroma, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Rostov the Great, Sergiev Posad, Ivanovo and Yaroslavl. Let’s stop at the most interesting options, which can be easily reached by car.

Sergiev Posad
Sergiev Posad is located about 80 kilometers from Moscow, to get there by car, you will need to drive on the Federal highway M8 Moscow — Yaroslavl — Vologda — Arkhangelsk.

Acquaintance with the city can begin with the Holy Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius — the largest Orthodox male monastery of Stavropol.

On the territory of the monastery there is a developed infrastructure, places for walks, sightseeing tours, as well as numerous souvenir shops.

The only thing we recommend to know in advance where there are Parking spaces (there is a paid and free Parking).

In addition, Sergiev Posad is the real toy capital of Russia. The city has a College of toys, a Museum of toys and Russia’s only research Institute of toys. That’s where your kids will want to get by all means.

On one of the streets of Sergiev Posad, a little away from the main attractions, there is a small private Museum of peasant life “Lived-were”. It is noteworthy that the collection was created by a local enthusiast — artist Victor Bagrov, whose Studio is located nearby. Therefore, the owner of the Museum willingly conducts excursions and recalls the fascinating stories associated with the exhibits. Why go there? At least to show the children how people lived before. After all, as soon as you go into the hut, where there is old furniture, pottery, forged tongs and samovars, then immediately plunge into the atmosphere of original Russian antiquity. All exhibits can be touched, and little guests can play with Museum toys or under the guidance of adults to test the loom and weave a memory napkin or Mat. What’s not an adventure?

Also, do not bypass the Abramtsevo Museum-reserve: it is located near Sergiev Posad, so it is easy to get there by car. It is a beautiful estate with a rich history, where great writers and artists once stayed and worked. You can walk around the territory, join the tour, admire the main house and the room for domestic servants, as well as visit the bath-house and the glacier, which was previously used as a grocery pantry (a prototype of modern refrigerators). And when you get tired of walking, you can go to the shop, located on the estate, and buy a souvenir themed Souvenirs.

Pereslavl-Zalessky is considered one of the most fabulous cities of the Golden ring and one of the best places to travel with children. To get to the city by car, find on the map route M8: you have to drive about 140 kilometers.

By the number of museums located here this city has no equal! What is there just is not: from the Museum of iron and ending with a unique collection of ancient kettles.

Perhaps the most popular is the Museum of cunning and wit. With him and recommend you start exploring the city. Here you can see a lot of extraordinary things: those that have long come out of everyday use, and those that have not lost their relevance now. Children will surely enjoy the ancient bear traps, old hunting skis, irons, looms, cups for moustached men, diving suit and other unusual items.

Pereslavl-Zalessky — the birthplace of the Grand Duke and commander Alexander Nevsky. His Museum is not just a collection of expositions, but the real history of the region during the reign of the Prince. Young guests will be interested to learn about the life of the people of that time not from textbooks, but looking at unique exhibits.

The Museum called “Birth of a fairy tale” also deserves special attention. The territory of this complex is made in the style of Russian wooden architecture, and to get inside, you need to go through the formidable gate with towers. The Museum itself is a kind of labyrinth, which includes 15 exhibits: figures of fairy-tale and mythological characters in full size, created in the original technique of papier-mache. Excursions are made in such a way that regardless of age your child will get a lot of positive emotions and impressions.

You can complete your walk around the city in the national Park “Plescheevo Lake”. Some believe that the lake itself is magical, and if you touch a special stone, the most cherished desire will certainly come true. Your children will be able to play on the shore of the lake, and you — to recharge the special energy of this place and forget about their worries and problems.

One of the most popular cities of the Golden ring is 185 kilometers from Moscow. By car you can get there on the highway M7 Moscow — Vladimir — Nizhny Novgorod — Kazan — Ufa.

To begin with, we recommend a walk through the historic city center, which is located on a hill above Klyazma, and walk to the Cathedral square. There is a monument in honor of the 850 anniversary of the city, which is a truncated three-sided pyramid of white stone on a marble base. On the right in front of the Pushkin Park is a bronze monument to Andrei Rublev, and on the left — the white stone assumption Cathedral.

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