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Glamping is a romantic trend

The word “glamping” in the spring of wanders on the Internet. Glamorous camping is a new trend in tourism, comfort combined with romance.
If the word is foreign, then the phenomenon is described in the framework of the Varangian theory. Supposedly so loved to relax the British colonists: put in the middle of the native local color tents with all European amenities and received exotic and comfort in one bottle. Then the Americans went on Safari to Africa with their own facilities. And then all this appeared in Russia.

In fact, glamping is our native, post-Soviet phenomenon. It is a natural consequence and a hybrid of romance of the 60s and lawlessness of the 90s.
The story of glamorous tents

In the 60-80-ies of the last century, the Soviet people rested mainly in the campaign in tents or at the grandmother in the village. Trade Union vouchers are not considered — it was a one-time success, not a way of life.

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And in the 90s suddenly opened the border, the people saw instead of trade Union resorts luxury hotels and decided that he was worthy. But for 20 years, the public is partly fed up, partly came under the distribution of the crisis and sanctions — and romance again became fashionable. All I wanted to grandma in the village or camping with a tent. And if the problem of combining “grandmother” with a five-star hotel partly solved cottage villages and eco-hotels, the tents came lining. On the one hand, I want romance. On the other — romance without a toilet, hot water and WiFi is not everyone under force. And here there is glamping — the same tents in the deep forest, but with warm floors, charging for the phone and a platform under the grill (because the current legislation and safety rules do not allow to make fires directly in the forest).

All the same, plus WiFi

The concept of “house in the village” and “grandmother”, by the way, also expanded — taking into account the strengthened national consciousness of all fraternal peoples of the post-Soviet space, the house is not necessarily a hut, maybe a Yurt, and yaranga…

Offers on the world market are very diverse: at some points travelers expect small tents, just raised above the ground, in others — authentic national homes, in the third — tree houses, in the fourth — shepherd’s huts. Abroad you can find incredible offers — up to the ice houses and straw castles.
Irina Ryabovol
The representative of the international travel metasearch momondo in Russia
Now in Russia there are quite a lot of conditionally virgin corners of nature, where you can live like a “savage”, but with all the amenities, and sometimes with hotel service.

Closer to the center
ETNOMIR, Kaluga region

The first trend felt ethnomir. Having emerged almost 10 years ago as an ethnopark, where you could see the Russian stove, over time it developed into a huge tourist complex. And it gives its guests the opportunity to live in a Russian hut, in a Ukrainian hut, but at least in a Nepalese house or a Siberian wooden Yurt. At the same time the service even in yurts — as in a good European hotel (the price, however, too — from 4000 rubles per day per person), and WiFi, of course.

Otradnoye, Leningrad region

The owners of the base on the shore of lake Otradnoye ironically call the living conditions in their tents and yarangas “close to comfort”. This means that there is electricity — you can boil the kettle and charge the phone. The problem with the Internet. Instead of a shower — bath.

But now you don’t “let her husband go fishing”, and to go along with him and literally throw myself in a ditch. It is possible even with children: a four-seater wigwam costs 1500 rubles per day, and a tent — 1000 rubles. Not with human! With the plague or the Lodge.

Away from civilization
Glamping “Chunga-Changa”, Karelia

Most likely, it was they who first wrote the word “glamping” in Russian letters. The island on lake Vuoksa is a wild place in the genre of “trees grow on stones”. Absolutely Norman romance: boulders, moss-grown, carvel pines, fish and cranberries. But if you buy a “Glamping for two” (8,000 rubles for the weekend), that includes a will be insulated tent (full height) with oven-stove and furniture, the tent-kitchen with fireplace and cooking utensils, tandoor, travel bath, the toilets… That is the romance of the 60’s, but hygiene is observed, in the statement nothing is not necessary to lift and precisely will not freeze. The car, however, have to leave on the mainland. But there’s a secure Parking lot.

Yurt complex “Biy-hem”, Tuva, Kyzyl

To live in the real thick felt yurts — this is extreme. It is unlikely that he is able to man the capital (especially if half of the human effort has already been spent on the road to the Yenisei). Therefore, you will think that you live in real Tuvan yurts. But (Shh!) in real yurts there are no electric lighting and electric heaters. Wooden beds and a wardrobe — also not very authentic. But it is convenient. The shower is in a separate Yurt, the dining room is also in the Yurt.

It costs about 2000 rubles per day per person. Bonus: throat singing and shaman’s rite.

Glamping prices, as you can see, are absolutely different: from 1000 rubles per night to infinity. The cost depends on the specific location: its location, promotion, the proposed conditions… Of course, the status of the current trend also affects prices.

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