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Shopping and sales: travel wisely

We present five cities where you should go shopping in the summer.
What could be better than shopping? That’s right, only shopping during sales. At this time, even the most expensive brands reduce prices by 50-70%.

Where: Milan

When: from mid-July to mid-September

Milan is not in vain considered the world center of fashion. There are demonstrations of new collections all year round, and local Fashion Weeks have long been competing with Parisian ones. The main center of attraction of shopaholics — the area of the Golden quadrangle, formed by the streets of Via Montenegro, Via Spiga, Corso Vittorio Emmanuele. This should take lovers of luxury brands here can be found the boutiques of Armani, Chanel, Hermes. Almost all brands, except Louis Vuitton, in the season of summer sales reduce prices by 40-60%.

However, in Milan you can find clothes mass market, from Zara to H&M. it is Worth a close look at the signs on the Windows: the inscription “Liquidazioni” means a major sale with low prices, “Sconti” — just discounts.

And the most zealous shopaholics take a look at Saravillo village located 50 minutes drive from Milan on the way to Genoa. Here is one of the world’s best outlets Serravalle Designer Outlet. There are more than 150 stores of luxury brands and affordable brands, and discounts all year round reach 70%.

Hotel: B&B Hotel Milano Sant’ambrogio in the city center — from 5 200 rubles per day

B&B Hotel Milano Sant’ambrogio

Flight Moscow-Milan-Moscow — from 20 000 rubles

Where: New York

When: throughout the summer

There are no exact dates of summer sales in new York. Each store sets them individually, but discounts last all summer. The most fashionable address in the city is the famous Fifth Avenue in downtown Manhattan. It is possible that it is for this street that the Americans came up with the concept of window shopping — a walk along the Windows, “to look at everyone, to show themselves”. After all, Fifth Avenue is the embodiment of luxury in glass and concrete, an unprecedented concentration of money: renting a boutique costs at least $32,000 per square meter. Shops on Fifth Avenue for every taste — from elegant boutiques Gucci, Tiffany, Bergdorf Goodman to elegant shops Christian Dior and Versace.

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After looking at the Windows, you can go to more democratic centers like Bloomingdales and Century 21. Or limit the trip to Macy’s Herald Square, the study of which may take several days. Still, it is one of the largest Department stores in the world!

In addition to discounts that brands provide during sales, new York offers special bonuses for tourists — tourist discount. When buying things, you should ask whether such a system works in the store — you may be able to reduce the purchase price by another 15%.

Hotel: West Side YMCA in Manhattan — from 96 200 rubles

West Side YMCA in Manhattan

Flight Moscow-new York-Moscow — from 45 000 rubles

Where: Barcelona

When: all summer

Barcelona — European record for the duration of the season of the global price collapse. Discounts start in June and last until the end of August. During this period, you should pay a visit to the expensive boutiques on the streets of Paseo de Gracia, Rambla de Catalunya and Diagonal Avenue. We also advise you to pay attention to Spanish brands like Bershka, Zara, Pull and Bear, Mango, Desigual, Stradivarius and Blanco. Local collections sometimes strikingly differ from Russian — and quality, and the price, and design.

Look for branded stores in Barcelona need in the old town. And to go on shopping better in August, by the end of season. By this time pleasant discounts up to 50-70%. Especially lucky lush or very skinny buyers: as a rule, the standard sizes are swept off the shelves in the first days of sales.

Hotel: generator Hostel Barcelona is 200 metres from Gracia boutique district — from 5,400 rubles per room

Generator Hostel Barcelona

Flight Moscow-Barcelona-Moscow — from 23 500 rubles

Where: Dusseldorf

When: July-mid-August

Before things stylish fashionistas flocked to France. Now they go to Germany — the models are the same, and the prices are much lower. And in the “big sale” participate as expensive boutiques and folk brands like H&M and C&M.

Shopping in Germany is worth going to Dusseldorf. On the Royal Avenue, the street of shops and museums, boutiques of the most famous fashion designers of the world are collected. Here is one of the world’s largest chain store, where 60 thousand people come every day. And during sales — almost twice as much!

Hotel: Hotel Monopol a five-minute walk from the Royal alley — from 4 300 per day

Hotel Monopol

Flight Moscow-Dusseldorf-Moscow — from 20 000 rubles

Where: Hong Kong

When: July-August

We say Hong Kong — we mean shopping. There are so many markets, boutiques and shops in this city that it seems that even the authorities can not count their number. Shopping remains one of the main attractions of the city — all year round come here for original clothing from luxury brands and their impeccable copies, jewelry and appliances. However, the most attractive time for shopping is during winter and summer sales. In July and August, the Hong Kong tourism Board even holds a special Shopping festival where shops give discounts of up to 50% and increase the working day by a few hours. Also, each year a magazine-guide with coupons where easy to find discounts on any products.

You can find shopping centers in any area of Hong Kong. But one of the most famous is the IFC Mall complex, consisting of more than 200 boutiques. Among the stamps is a real mix of luxury, Armani and Cavalli, and affordable Zara and Mango. By the way, the mass market in Hong Kong is not easy: any local fashionista can afford more expensive brands.

Another fashionable address of Gorda is Pacific Place. This Mall has everything from Tiffany jewelry to a supermarket. The best part is that during the sales there are discounts up to 90%!

In Hong Kong, it is worth a walk and the markets. One of the most colorful — flea Cat Street, such amazing things you will not find anywhere in the city, and perhaps in the world.

Hotel: Mini Hotel Causeway Bay in the city center — from 3 200 rubles per room per day

Mini Hotel Causeway Bay

Flight Moscow-Hong Kong-Moscow — from 27 000 rubles

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