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Open season: the seven best beach destinations of autumn

September‑October is a very pleasant holiday time.
Prices at the resorts begin a solemn decline on the beaches is rapidly reducing the number of tourists, and the weather is conducive to long trips and excursions. Having carefully studied the map of the world, we have found seven directions for you, where it will be warm and not boring in the velvet season.
Santorini, Greece

Weather: September air +24…+26, water +22, October air +22…+24, water +21

Blue domes of churches, snow-white walls of almost toy houses on the ledges of rocks and colorful volcanic beaches have long turned Santorini into a postcard island. Both nature and people worked on the creation of the island. Nature for him three and a half thousand years ago blew up the volcano Santorini and left on the surface only the edge of the crater. Everything else, along with the crater has sunk to the bottom and from there the Aegean sea is still boiling: on the surface of the water the temperature does not fall below +30 C even in September‑October. The place of the “saucepan” is quite simple to determine: there are almost always tourist boats cruising and diving fans tickle their nerves.

Where to stay: Proteas Hotel in Kamari. Double room in September will cost 4 300 rubles per day.
Liguria, Italy

Weather: in September air +24…+26, water +23, in October air +21…+23, water +21.

Strewn with beaches, palazzos and photogenic fortresses, the Italian region of Liguria begins with Genoa, a city of bankers, seafarers and adventurers. It was here that Christopher Columbus grew up, who discovered a good half of the world. The first Bank appeared there. And for the first time we realized that it was time for Italy to unite.

Despite the colorfulness of Genoa, many travelers begin their acquaintance with Liguria not from here, but from divinely beautiful places lying to the East: Portofino, Portovenere and Rapallo. West of Genoa is also interesting. In addition to the wonderful beaches and seaside towns, you can find real treasures here. For example, Savona with the fortress of Priamar or the famous Sanremo, which was once the favorite (along with nice) resort of Russian aristocrats.

Where to stay: Cit Hotel Britannia in the historical center of Genoa. Double room in September — 5 323 rubles per day.
Lloret de Mar, Spain

Weather: in September air +25…+27, water +23, in October air +20…+22, water +20.

Like all seaside towns in Spain, Lloret de Mar was once a tiny fishing village. Now it is one of the best and most fun resorts of the Costa Brava. There is a huge number of all kinds of drinking establishments — from Mexican bars to Irish pubs, as well as Nightclubs and discos, casinos, music cafes and much more.

Although in Lloret de Mar are good not only clubs, but also the coast — there are beaches Sa Boadella and Fenals, awarded the Blue flag for cleanliness and safety, Sa Kaleta with a real castle, as well as Playa de Treumal with the smallest sand, reminiscent of flour.

Where to stay: Hotel Miramar is just 50 meters from the beach. Double room in September will cost 4 000 rubles per day.
Los Angeles, USA

Weather: September air +27…+29, water +20, October air +24…+26, water +18

Al Hey, as the locals familiarly call Los Angeles, is a chain of 99 small towns and one of the main goals of tourists in the United States. People come here to take a picture against the background of the famous Hollywood inscription, walk through the boutiques on the famous Rodeo Drive, visit the Hollywood “walk Of fame” and get on a tour of the universal Studio. Lovers of water treatments waiting for Malibu — “residence” of the most star beaches of California. Among the owners of local villas are Richard Gere, sting, pierce Brosnan and Madonna. Celebrities regularly appear on public beaches and even come to the local pier (Malibu Pier), where they are caught by photographers from yellow Newspapers.

Equally popular are the beaches in nearby Santa Monica, where artists, writers and wealthy pensioners live. In the afternoon there is mold shapes from the sand or swimming in the ocean, in the evenings, strumming the guitar, and ride on the roller coaster, go to the many museums and fairs.

Where to stay: Comfort Inn Near Santa Monica, located near all of Los Angeles attractions. Double room in September costs 15 600 rubles per day.
Agadir, Morocco

Weather: September air +25…+27, water +23, October air +23…+25, water +21

Forget about Islamic rigor: Agadir is the most European resort in Morocco. Here women go without hijabs, bars are Packed with Europeans, and discos rattle until the morning. Here you go for a walk through the streets crowded with shops, try the famous fish tagine, as well as swim and sunbathe on the famous wide 6-kilometer beach.

If you want exotic, you can go to Legzira — a little-known stretch of coast 120 km South of Agadir. Its main feature — clay‑sand arches along the beach. It seems that the coast has grown powerful limbs that are widely striding into the ocean. At certain angles, the local landscape looks like a fantastic Martian landscape.

Where to stay: The residence hotel Rihab is 300 meters from the beach. Double room in September — from 1 600 rubles per day.
Dead sea, Israel

Weather: in September air +29…+31, water +26, in October air +25…+27, water +23.

The main miraculous attraction of Israel is the sea‑record holder. It is the saltiest on Earth, the lowest, the most healing. In addition, it is known as one of the main resorts in the world. Along the coast stretch dozens of mud baths — the local black mud containing, it seems, the entire periodic table, is considered incredibly useful.

However, here by the hundreds go and completely healthy people for new experiences. The main thing of them — to experience a sense of weightlessness. Due to the high content of salts, the water in the sea is so dense that it is impossible to drown in it — a person of any size just “hovers” on the surface, like a float. Only it is important to learn how to enter the water carefully, so as not to fall into a random pit and not to drink terribly bitter water.

Where to stay: David Dead Sea Resort & Spa, which has several swimming pools and a Spa. The cost of a double room in September — 13 115 rubles.
Sliema, Malta

Weather: September air +27…+29, water +26, October air +23…+25, water +22

Despite its tiny size, Malta has everything you need for a good holiday. After all, here the velvet season lasts an incredibly long time, and a beach holiday is easy to dilute with excursions to ancient towns and shopping.

The most fun of the Maltese resort of Sliema. And the most fashionable city of the island, where many hotels, expensive designer shops and two huge shopping centers. There are high-rise buildings on 10-15 floors, which against the background of other Maltese houses look almost the top of urbanization. At the same time, the town has preserved the ancient Fort of Manoel and the fortress of Tigne, there is a beautiful promenade and elegant villas on Rudolf Street, which are built here by rich Maltese.

Hotels in Sliema cost a little more than in other parts of the country, but so you have a chance to be in the heart of the life of the island.

Where to stay: The Windsor Hotel is 50 meters from the promenade of Sliema. Double room in September — from 4 600 rubles per day.

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