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How not to get online: Internet security

On the Internet, we are not just killing time. For the inhabitants of megacities the world wide web has become part of the natural habitat. But for some reason we still behave in the Network as if it is the territory of a magical country inhabited by good fairies, and everything that happens in it — pretend. Including trouble.
Increasingly, thoughtless behavior on the Internet gets an unpleasant continuation in real life. To nothing bad happened to you, listen to the advice of experts on information and physical security, as well as the recommendations of psychologists.

1. Control your environment
In social networks to you “knocking” a new person? Go to his page, ask what he writes, what photos he posts. Be sure to ask why he decided to add you as a friend. This is a common courtesy, and check, not a spam bot or annoying advertiser wants to friend with you. Or, perhaps, a man who, for some reason, wants to watch you. Do not add to friends and only because you see this person in friends with good friends. It is possible that they have no idea who he is, and also friended because I saw friends with him, comrades.

2. Review the publication settings and privacy rules
The main thing in the control environment — the correct admission to information. Sharing something important, think about whether to “light the lighthouse.” For example, is it really necessary for everyone in the world to know that you are going on vacation, and your flowers twice a week will come to water the neighbor from the apartment opposite?

3. Get rid of unpleasant communication
Someone from your virtual friends too often breaks into rudeness or frivolous tone? Think about whether you need to communicate with him. And whether this person, apparently, is not very adequate, with unpredictable reactions, to have information about you. Such information that can be used for improper purposes.

If for some reason you cannot remove this person from your friends, for example, you need him as a business partner, you can simply enable the “hide from feed” or “see less from…”options. Still decided to remove such a wonderful friend? Then do not forget to also block it — then he probably will not be able to see information about you.

Well, to insure yourself against unpleasant attacks in your direction from unknown people or just information spam, limit access to your “wall” and the ability to post any information on it to everyone except friends.

4. Do not do in the Network that you will not do in reality
And if you did, then be prepared for the consequences. No one forbids you to dance Topless on the table in a nightclub. That’s why he and the nightclub, that everything that happens in it, there and remains? Not always. Remember the binge of our players and how it affected their careers. Always and everywhere, before you do something, and even more so somewhere to publish, ask yourself the question — I need it?

5. “Check-in” properly
It’s one thing to do “Chekin” with a friend in mega, while at work they believe that you are unwell and lie in bed — then you just set yourself up in front of the leadership. But to be celebrated September 1 in the school of his child with the inscription “Kolya Ivanov, 3 “A”” — is another matter. So you endanger your son, even if access to your tape is allowed only to friends. By the way, you have, of course, a closed profile?

In General, try to spread as little personal information as possible in your tape, this applies to photos of family members, and yourself in a swimsuit.

Another point: very often we tell everyone what event we are going to visit, and there are already specified turnout passwords. What for? It is enough that everyone will know that you are interested in this event.

6. Avoid fake friends pages
A third party copies a photo of your friend and information about him, gets the same page, and already from it appeals to you for help, for example, urgently throw money on the phone. Does the request seem unexpected and strange? Does your friend call you anything different? He sends a bunch of kisses, and he never liked emojis? There’s something wrong. Make sure that the page is fake, you can try to see the previous correspondence — it will not. It is also worth carefully review the tape “friend” — it will be very short, you will immediately see: the page started recently.

7. Try not to transfer personal data in social networks
Need to do urgently? Better do it by text. Also try not to make purchases by connecting to free wi-fi.

8. Be careful when looking for information
Social networks help us to quickly find a veterinarian kitten, a toy similar to the one that lost the baby, choose a cozy restaurant on the advice of friends. We resort to their help in search of specialists, a nurse or a housekeeper. It is with these three areas that we should be careful. Make sure that the options “only for friends” are set, it is necessary to refrain from requests for repost. So you will certainly reduce the scope of those to whom information can reach, but at the same time protect yourself: your post is not used for their own purposes by scammers. And, of course, all the personal details — how old the child is, what psychological trauma, where the apartment is located, at what time you are not at home — tell only proven people and in the PM.

9. Be eco-friendly
Environmental friendliness is becoming an increasingly popular concept. It is increasingly used by psychologists, psychotherapists. And for good reason. Environmental friendliness is a very good word for determining the environment in which traumatic memories and other painful information can and should be shared. For the violation of environmental friendliness, many experts have criticized the recent flash mob #anabolisant when victims of violence shared their stories of life. Despite the fact that the flashmob attracted public attention to the topic of violence in society, in the long term, the harm from it is more than good — so psychologists say. Everyone has almost forgotten about the flash mob, and important information about the people who were abused has remained on the Network. And anyone can access it. Including for blackmail, and for psychological pressure.

The main principles of ecological behavior in the Network:

any traumatic information is published only in the “for friends” mode or sent as a personal message;
any data that may be used against you is not published at all;
commenting on some stories, participating in network disputes, do not report anything about your negative experience;
if you have a serious trouble, psychological trauma, depression, do not use social networks to relieve tension. Go to close friends or professionals.
Modern technologies to help
p>Some safety tips:

Stay in touch. Going on the road? Choose close friends and relatives who will know where, when and on what you are going when you return. Got a car? Take a picture of the room and send it to a friend, write how much time you plan to be on the way. Inform on arrival. Modern smartphones offer a lot of options for this — from WhatsApp to Facebook Messenger and Hangouts. But it is better to choose those messengers, versions of which are available for smartphone and laptop.

And you can order a taxi for your wife or mother from your phone through the application, in this case you will see which route your loved one is traveling.

Please note on the application the type of “Friends”, “Friend around.” They will allow you to have an idea of where the owner of the phone is. Drove the husband to a country house, do the daughter bathed in the Volga area and not break with friends in Sochi.

There are plenty of apps for smartphones and services that you can use for your security.

For example, such solutions are offered by the “big three” Telecom operators. MTS and Beeline — “the Child under supervision”, from “Megaphone” — “Radar”. The bottom line is one — close to get the opportunity to see your movements and location.

Another direction — the development of gadgets that signal a dangerous situation, and different types of watches,bracelets, giving a sign where you or the child are. For example, a very interesting option is now developing a project with Russian roots Nimb (

Use geolocation. Yes, many people do not like the included geolocation, it is often justified, but if you are taken somewhere or taken away against your will, the signal of the smartphone will help your family to determine your location.

To some extent, many applications use geolocation. They are a decent amount, but it’s worth spending time and choose the most convenient for you personally. If you want to increase the level of security not only for yourself but also for other family members, take a look at these programs: FamilyLocator (, Life360 (

Get yourself a phone with SOS button. Or, as they are now called, “grandma’s phone.” Such devices can be considered new technologies, despite the name. First, they work much longer, you can, for example, call a taxi if the smartphone ordered to live long. Secondly, and this is important, in case of conflict or threat of violence, you will be able to give a signal to those who will help, intervene in the situation. Configure the list of subscribers to whom the alarm message will go. Agree in advance how they will react to it. Why do we need “grandma’s phone”? With a smartphone, it is almost impossible to quickly send an alarm — too many actions need to be made to get to the desired function. In a simple gadget it is done by pressing a button.

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