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Faster, higher, stronger: where to relax with her husband-athlete

What kind of vacation will interest a man who is interested in sports.
Fishing in the Volga, playing football in Sochi and walking along the coast of lake Baikal: Rambler/Travel has collected five ideas for outdoor activities in Russia, where you can go together.

Football in Sochi
This year’s sports wave football and recreation festival will be held for the first time in Sochi, on the Black sea, at the height of the velvet season — from 5 to 9 October. All football fans should go here: Amateur teams, corporate teams and teams of pop and sports stars will fight for the championship title.

Guests of the festival will enjoy intellectual games, FIFA-2016 tournament, discos, karaoke competition, concert of Russian stars and a rich excursion program. Friends and wives of Amateur athletes will be able to compete for the title of “Miss Sports wave — Sochi”.

You can join the tournament and buy a package tour on the Rambler/Travel website. When booking a tour with the whole team you get a discount.

Fishing in Kalyazin
If you sit with a fishing rod on the shore for your chosen one — this is the perfect way to relax and regain strength, then there is nothing to do — will have to go after. You can enjoy the freshest, only from the hook, fish and try the real Volga fish soup while fishing in Kalyazin.

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The city is called Russian Atlantis: it is famous not only for panoramic views of the flooded bell tower of St. Nicholas Cathedral, but also for the most delicious fish on the Volga. According to one version, the name Kalyazin comes from the ancient Finno-Ugric word “Cola”, which means “fish”.

One of the advantages of fishing the tour in Kalyazin: to cook a freshly caught fish will not have. On the banks of the Volga especially for tourists prepare tent camp and a real fishing picnic. The menu — ear of the pot, fish in batter and smoke, fish pie and potatoes. And still tasting of the Tver liqueurs and cordials. In the final of the evening you will enjoy outdoor games in the fresh air.

The tour to Kalyazin includes a boat trip along the Volga river and a boat tour of the Uglich reservoir.

You can buy a tour to Kalyazin on the Rambler/Travel website.

Hiking along lake Baikal
A trip to Baikal in autumn is an amazing opportunity to see the coast of the lake in bright colors. The program includes a trip on the Circum-Baikal railway, rest on Olkhon and a tour of Irkutsk.

And the most sports are waiting for hours of Hiking: at the end of August on the shore of lake Baikal equipped 150-kilometer ecological trail. In order to make it convenient for tourists to navigate, it has signs and information boards. The route includes a visit to natural attractions — sandy Bay, protected area of pad Kadilnaya with its caves, the tract Devil’s bridge and the rock of Skriper.

You can buy a tour to Baikal on the Rambler/Travel website.

Old Russian fun in Suzdal
Ten thematic areas with games, contests and quizzes for adults and children are waiting for the guests of the festival “Mead FEST” in Suzdal. It will be held from 16 to 17 September.

In the cultural program — fist fights, tug of war and fights wall to wall. Sports competitions will be held at 10 thematic venues. After a busy sports entertainment go to the gastronomic quarter, where farmers from Vladimir, Moscow and Tver regions will present cheese, fish and meat delicacies. And holiday guests can enjoy a tasting of Mead from six factories producing this drink.

You can book a tour to Suzdal on the Rambler/Travel website.

Cheese making in the Tver region
Fans of a healthy lifestyle can even pump up a bicep at a cheese factory, because cooking cheese in a copper VAT is not an easy task. A trip to a real Italian farm La Fattoria Little Italy in the Tver region will give a lot of impressions to all family members. Owns it hereditary cheese maker, Italian Pietro Mazza. Here you can prepare your own gastronomic business card of Italy — cheeses of different varieties.

Farm Pietro Mazza regularly conducts master classes where you can learn how to cook cheese in a copper VAT on the fire — according to ancient Italian recipes, which number more than four hundred years.

Fans of outdoor activities in the summer can ride horses, and in winter — in a sleigh.

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What not to do on the plane and ground transport during the trip
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