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What not to do on the plane and ground transport during the trip

While you are in transport, your main task — to get to your destination safe and sound. And the responsibility for your well-being and health are not only the pilot, guides and driver, but you yourself. We have collected 15 “no” to be considered during the trip.
In the plane
Ignore flight attendants ‘ instructions

If you are asked to raise the curtain of the window, turn on the mode “in the plane”, raise the back of the chair and remove the headphones, then do not consider that you belong to the caste of the elite, who can miss these requirements. They are made for your safety. Most unforeseen situations occur on takeoff and landing, which means that at this point you should be awake and hear the instructions of flight attendants. And, of course, keep in mind that the music creates a load on the eardrums, and games when climbing or lowering become the cause of dizziness and nausea.

To create situations of conflict

In a confined space, and even at an altitude of 10 thousand meters, many people experience anxiety, so react more acutely to any stimuli and behave strangely. In order not to replenish their number and not to Wake the slumbering dragon in the neighbor, do not drink alcohol before the flight (alcohol acts on the body differently when you fly), do not stamp your foot in time with the music (your neighbors are irritated by the vibration of the seats), do not call the stewardess for trifles (she is responsible for safety, and does not serve passengers), do not make comments to the parents of crying children (they are also tired of screaming).

Sitting all the time

During the flight, the risk of deep vein thrombosis is increased — a disease in which blood clots are formed in the legs. This problem is called “economy class syndrome”. You will prevent its development if you wear loose clothes that do not interfere with blood circulation in the body, and will at least once an hour to walk around the cabin. By the way, choose comfortable flat shoes that you do not want to take off. In a critical situation, you should be thinking about how to use the mask, not where your shoes are.

There is food that fell on the folding table

The plane has a lot of dirty places that do not have time to clean between flights. The table is one of them. He put phones, bags and even babies to change diapers. So if you carried a piece of cookie past your mouth, then throw it away without regret. The total concentration of microbial cells on the table reaches 2155 per square inch. Compare this to the 265 units on the flush button in the toilet to estimate the magnitude of the disaster. And although the risk of infection is still small, show disgust.

Little to drink

Aircraft are known for the fact that they have low humidity, so do not be surprised at the dryness in the throat. To cope with it, drink more water. And you can ask for as many glasses as you want. By the way, you have the opportunity to order an additional portion of food (if available, it will give you free of charge). Give up invigorating drinks for the reason that they contain caffeine, and this leads to dehydration of the body or a jump in pressure, which is already slightly increased when climbing.

Forget about the rules of baggage in the cabin

Although airlines strictly regulate the carrying of hand Luggage, if you have a laptop, a handbag, a small suitcase weighing up to 10 kg, an umbrella-cane, a camera and outerwear, no one will forbid you to go with them to the salon (their full list is listed in the Order of the Ministry of transport of Russia from 28.06.2007 № 82). But these items will take up all the space on the shelf above you, which will infringe on the rights of other passengers, so be polite and take some of the things in the Luggage. Do not be lazy to find out the rules of a particular company (for example, some airlines charge a fee for carrying a backpack into the cabin, even if it is for children). This precaution will protect you from unnecessary expenses.

In the car or bus to

Become a DJ

Don’t impose your taste on others. If you do not want to drive in silence, then give the choice to the driver, because the music affects the mood and driving style, which can lead to unnecessary risk on the road. By the way, keep in mind that the melodies escaping from the headphones, act on the nerves of other passengers.

Lifting legs

Some people put their feet on the armrest or on the control panel. Such behavior not only violates etiquette, but also can cause serious injuries with a sharp braking or accident — the bones of the legs pierce the chest and even the skull.

Read and write

Even if you are skilled in using the phone in public transport, do not think that this skill will save you in the car or bus. Unexpected turns, pits and bumps, speed differences will lead to the fact that you quickly get carsick. Therefore, turn on the audiobook or enjoy the views from the window. In this case, try to look forward more often or change the position of the head, so as not to experience unpleasant symptoms.

Eat in the cafe

Its owners know that you will leave and will not return, so travelers are often fed poor quality food. And remember that you do not move much, and therefore risk during a long move to gain a couple of extra pounds. Therefore, stock up on nuts, dried fruits, vegetables, bread — they do not deteriorate from temperature changes and help to cope with hunger.

Throw garbage out the window

Even if your trash does not pollute the environment (Apple stub or banana peel), it can fly at high speed through the window behind a moving vehicle. A trifle, but unpleasant.

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