Top 7 European cities, ideal for declarations of love
Surely each of you have provided, how (and when) will hear the cherished love. And it is desirable that it was done in some romantic place, so you can then…

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Open season: the seven best beach destinations of autumn
September‑October is a very pleasant holiday time. Prices at the resorts begin a solemn decline on the beaches is rapidly reducing the number of tourists, and the weather is conducive…

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From relaxing at the all-season resort to watching a spectacular performance: what you can do in two days in St. Petersburg
To go to St. Petersburg for the weekend or holidays has become commonplace for Muscovites. Four hours by train "Sapsan" — and here you are in the capital of Peter's…

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Open season: the seven best beach destinations of autumn
September‑October is a very pleasant holiday time. Prices at the resorts begin a solemn decline on the beaches is rapidly reducing the number of tourists, and the weather is conducive…



For aerotow: 5 great bus routes to fit any budget

If you can not imagine your life without traveling, but can not overcome the fear of flying, then pay attention to bus tours. We have chosen the most relevant destinations, which can be easily reached from Moscow.
Elista, Kalmykia
Departure: bus station “Krasnogvardeyskaya”, daily

Ticket price: 2000 rubles

If you have never been to the southern regions of Russia before, then we recommend you to look at this route. First, it really will be a colorful journey: 14 hours of road along the steppe and desert with their incredible climate, and even surrounded by a very specific audience. But, after you stand the test of climate, you can admire the chess town and Buddhist shrines. By the way, seasoned travelers recommend to go there in the off-season and then the trip will be much more comfortable.

Warsaw, Poland
Departure: Riga bus station, daily at 20:30

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7 most overrated attractions in the world that you can not waste your time

Going on a trip, for sure, you dream to visit the most popular attractions to make stunning photos and proudly share their experiences with friends and family. And certainly you are not ready for the disappointment that lies in wait for you in some advertised places, which in reality look less impressive than on the same advertising poster. made a list of attractions that are objectively overrated and are unlikely to give you the positive emotions that you expect. To compare your expectations with reality, you can move the slider in the photos to the left and right and clearly see all the differences.
Times square, new York
Every person who gets into the “Big Apple” for the first time considers it his duty to go straight to times square, anticipating what impression he will get from what he saw. The spectacle, by the way, is fascinating, but only as long as you do not start to feel the rumble of cars and the hubbub of thousands of people hurrying about their business. And I will fight to be on the square becomes uncomfortable and boring. But tick that visited one of the most important places in new York, you, of course, put. But whether you want to go back there again is a big question.

Balcony Of Juliet, Verona
Surely you, too, to tears touched the story of young Romeo and Juliet, trying to save his love from angry relatives, and you also dreamed to visit where the action took place. In the same way, millions of tourists think, rushing to Verona to see with their own eyes the very balcony from which Juliet allegedly answered her lover, and at the same time RUB the statue of a girl, in the hope of experiencing the same strong mutual feelings as the heroes of Shakespeare’s play (only with a happy ending, of course). However, on arrival you will be disappointed – to the balcony, which, by the way, was built after the play was written, not to approach, and the statue plastered wishing to find love. Therefore it is necessary to crowd humbly in a narrow lane, waiting for the turn. Continue reading

Pass the passwords! 8 best cities for shopping

If you can not live without new things and watch with interest what is happening on the world stage, then you understand why it is worth going abroad for beautiful things. First, it is a great opportunity to buy designer clothes at competitive prices, and secondly, at the same time you can admire the sights of a city. We have chosen the most interesting options that will definitely appeal to all lovers of quality shopping.
In the UAE, you can not only enjoy shopping, but also relax on the gorgeous beaches, sunbathe, and get acquainted with the Eastern hospitality. Well, where else can you see the real Oriental exotic? In Dubai is a harmonious combination of advanced technology and old traditions.

If you want to buy everything at once, we advise you to go straight to the famous Mall of the Emirates, where you can find shops for any budget. The shopping center, by the way, is open until the evening, so you can try on a vending thing, put it aside, devote time to some other entertainment, and then go back and buy what you wanted.

Well, if you like the local flavor, then take a look at the North-Western part of Deira, where the Golden Bazaar is located, and do not miss the “spice Market”, or “spice Market”, which most corresponds to the definition of the classic Oriental Bazaar.

Hardly anyone will argue with the fact that in this city is concentrated the largest number of designer boutiques, Department stores and showrooms, where you can find a mind-blowing outfit for a very reasonable price.

Those who are interested only in vintage items, we advise you to go to the Bohemian quarter Navigli and find there one of the most famous shops of the district Pourquoi Moi. In addition, on the last Sunday of the month in Milan, you can get to the antique market Navigli, where everyone can look after some interesting goods, and even more than one! Continue reading

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